Turners Log Burners


We supply a wide range of log burning stoves, ranging from 6kw to 13kw. Our log burning stoves provide a natural and environmentally friendly way of heating your home. Log burning stoves are one of the most efficient and sustainable ways of heating any room in the home. All our log burning stoves feature detailed cast iron construction, user friendly operation and modern yet classical design giving a versatile appeal. Fantastic manufactured quality, made to last, our log burning stoves will heat your home cleanly, efficiently and reliably through-out the year.

All of our stoves are fully certified; CE EN13240 :2001 + A2 2004 and so comply with British and European standards. Fitted as standard is German made, high quality, heat resistant "Schott Robax" glass with the maximum fireproofing temperature of 1200 Centigrade. Black heat- resistant paint with an ability of 800 degree Centigrade "High Temperature Resistance", which gives you a safe and comfortable environment within your home.